Sophie Dodd

Daydreaming of martinis and a staycation, courtesy of @thebeekmanny ✨
Sneezy season has started & I’m back to wearing a puffy coat but less mad about it because look at this magic!! 🌸
Told the PR rep for this event to “look for the girl who looks like she’s wearing a carpet”
This weather is such a tease but not even gonna pretend I’m mad about it—@sun more days like this please
Cheers to a brief reminder of the soul-warming, can’t-stop-smiling feeling of sunshine and 70 degrees ☀️🍸
Interior inspo via @adaptationsny. Everything from their velvet seashell pillows to their wall decor was so dreamy, I wanted to move in! 🍃
Got paid to drink a vodka-rosé hybrid & interview @busyphilipps tonight so life is really feeling good right now
Had to tear myself away from this beautifully curated store before making an expensive impulse purchase (still dreaming of you, orange maxi dress & cream mules).
Soft lighting, craft cocktails & old-school glamour: a good speakeasy transports you to another era & feels like a secret, even if you’ve seen it on Instagram a hundred times 🍸 // 📷: @hannamoney
I’ve always had trouble working from home — I’m far too easily waylaid by the “productive procrastination” trap of cleaning my room/doing laundry/cooking an elaborate meal. Currently on a mission to find more cozy coffee shops to write from ☕️✨
From this weekend, when I almost let myself believe that spring was on its way 🙄
Grateful for family traditions, matzo ball soup, and younger cousins who’ve officially taken over the ceremonial readings.
Boldly incorporating some color into my spring wardrobe // 📷: @elizadumais
From a snowy weekend walk - grateful to live by the water (and will be even more grateful once the sunshine returns)
Indoor/outdoor spaces are high up on my list of simple pleasures
Snow in the city is 99% dirty & inconvenient and 1% pure magic. ☃️
Thought this was a cool sculpture thing & then @katzchronicles made fun of me for taking a mirror selfie with a coat rack
Already tracking flight prices for my next trip...and if anyone’s looking for tips on how to turn 15 or 20 vacation days into 45+, check out @travelandleisure’s article on piggybacking trips onto federal holidays!

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