Leo Cabal

Everytime I saw a good reflection of us, I’d always try and take a photo. We haven’t seen each other since February 10th! I’ll be picking up my love bug tomorrow morning from the airport 😘🇯🇵 #canonf1  #35mm 
These two took me on the craziest 4 day adventure in New Mexico. We went to the Carlsbad caverns and walked 800ft underground, shot at the white sand dunes and ate soooo much good food! This is why I love my job, because of experiences like these🤘🏻
Take me back to shooting these two in Cabo 💍✨ Any brides still looking for a wedding videographer ;)
Oh hey diamond head! Didn’t see you there 😉🌺
Forever Promises ✨
DTLA Vibez
The deer whisperer...only when I have food 😅 #fujifilmxt2 
Did we have couple drinks during this engagement shoot? Did I also run into Casey Neistat’s wife this day? Both true 🤘🏻
Kissing on the streets of Long Beach because why not?!
I’ll be your personal photographer if you take me to Cabo 😅
Roaming the streets of Ginza 🇯🇵 🙏🏻📸: @im_akino
In home session with the coolest couple!
LA always has quality #lightpockets 
So glad I got to capture my earlier mentors wedding with his best friend, Blake.
Hey Fernando, check out your new wifey right quick! #thatdressdoe 
Love when I get a chance to capture my friends weddings! Makes it that much more special ✨
Light Pockets

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