Laura Gede

I may have shed a tear 🌿
we got some strays~
I know nothing about this bakery but the neon signs in Chicago are on point. . . . 📷: @jayme.gede
Spanish lavender came in today✨—I promise I’ll post non floral pics eventually... maybe...
it’s like the hobby lobby challenge but it’s actually just ‘s hands in a bunch of wax flowers at work
do you ever just love your bunch of ranunculus so much you do a photo shoot with them?
good morning from my slightly droopy hyacinth cuts on this slightly droopy day—
My ranunculus came out to say hello this morning ✨🌿
west coast winter, east coast spring.
Meet the fam🌿
same dude.
The new babies in the bunch: Lavender and Grape Hyacinth, two of my favorite spring blooms 💛
"That's something you don't want to feel."- Administrative Assistant at the Front Desk of the Doctor's Office
Always finding the good light. Record your spaces before you leave them- you never realize what you’re going to forget. Portland, Oregon. February, 2018.
A happy, happy birthday to my beautiful mama. It might be a little lame to say you are my absolute best friend (considering your biological obligation to be), but there’s no one else I’d rather split Baby’s Tears and tequila with 💛 (she said I can’t post the pics I took of her until she edits them; mother like daughter I suppose)
surprise! you had to wait a whole year to see who the shadows in that blurry pic were— we really got you guys.
Candid photo of me having the best day of my life
Pretty sure @orifishvish is just a fern at this point...

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