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Today was spent dodging cows on desert motorways. The sun came out in the afternoon as I approached Shymkent and things got hot quickly! I also found a tortoise and had my first real off-road riding which was great although my gopro didn’t record any of it... @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure
The first two and a half weeks have flown by. It’s been a real struggle not knowing where my next iced coffee is going to come from... working on fixing my laptop so I can get more pictures up! 📸 @contextfilms @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure
Today was a day of firsts: first time seeing a camel in the wild! First time seeing an eagle! First time being stopped by the police (still not sure why) and the first time I have very nearly run out of fuel... almost 300 Miles across nothingness, Kobda popped up just in time. @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure
Dusty and very bumpy roads on the way out of Russia yesterday. You can see why I chose to ride on the dirt track next to the road... the road shook my mirror loose! Hopefully I’ll get some footage of the craters of Kazakhstan. @ducatiuk @scramblerducati @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure @gopro @goprouk
It’s crazy that I was having lunch in Venice 12 days ago! ⠀ ⠀ @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure⠀ ⠀
So excited to be in Kazakhstan. I’ve wanted to come here for ages and to be riding through is surreal. The border crossing was a breeze - Russia didn’t even check my documents and although Kazakh passport control studied my photo for what seemed like an hour (I think it’s the moustache!) Customs control beckoned me to the front of the queue! Roads are quiet and go from perfect to demolished every few hundred metres but it’s been fun riding on different terrain! @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure
Little clip from my time in Russia before I spam you with Kazakhstan! I’m so grateful to have met Alexander he was so kind. “Welcome to Russia!” @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure
If you thought negotiating traffic in London was a challenge - try it with half finished roads... Alexander escorting me out of Voronezh this morning to have a coffee at his house and take some pictures by a boat before I left for Saratov. @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure
Roadside stop in Ukraine on my way to the Russian border. I feel like I’ve ridden forever in Russia already but I’m only a little way across. The main roads are pretty good but very straight and they go on forever - as do the brown and black fields that surround them. There is literally nothing but farmland for hundreds of miles and then a city sprouts up. Kursk was really nice and Voronezh seems cool too. Saratov tomorrow and then into Kazakhstan where I can slow things down and have a day off the bike. @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure
Packing early this morning for the journey into Russia. I have arrived in Kursk safe and sound. Very friendly and helpful guards at the border crossing - managed to fill in 4 forms without more than a few words between us. Must admit I feared for my life when they asked me to come into the office and shut the door behind me... @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember
My bike needs a name! Send me your suggestions. @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember
Just your standard castle in the middle of nowhere.
Last nights camp 🎪 @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember
Riding through the north of Hungary along the border and into Slovakia. Both countries have been beautiful. Searching for a campsite in Slovakia I came across the first slum I’ve ever seen. Later, after my first campsite didn’t seem to be open, I rode to one in Kosice. I asked the owner about the slum as he took me to the shops. He then took me to see Lunik. Search it. It puts things in perspective. @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @revit_official @revit_adventure
Budapest at night from a @uralmotorcycles sidecar! Stunning. Thank you so much @senor_duende
So much happened today it’s hard to put in one post! I climbed and descended a mountain which took the new best road ever title. I started in 20 degree heat and was in three feet of snow at the top. No motorways all day... yippee. Even the flat roads in Austria are amazing! Entered Hungary this afternoon and arrived in Budapest around 7 to meet @senor_duende and his family! *SPOILER* I GOT TO RIDE IN A URAL!! @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember
I want to take just a minute to thank @jonbutterfield1 - the first person to reach out and put me up for the night. Thanks so much for your generosity and for showing me how amazing Slovenia is! P.S. I’m fully aware of the double denim, let’s call it ironic or something? @scramblerducati @ducatiuk @movember @urbanriderlondon
The first 25 minutes in Austria - the best 25 minutes of road I’ve ever ridden. This 30 second clip doesn’t scratch the surface. I’m setting up a YouTube channel for anyone that wants to geek out on amazing roads with me 😂 @ducatiuk @scramblerducati @movember @gopro @goprouk

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